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Educational Disparity

Educational Disparity


  • Tutor and Mentoring Programs


    • Many children who are homeless or from needy families grow up in an environment that lacks the proper support and resources necessary to excel in school. At INSAN, we provide quality tutoring and inspiring mentorship programs to help these kids to excel not only in school but also in life. More than homework help we plant seeds and encourage a thirst for knowledge with hard work.


  • STEM Summer Camp


    • During the summer season, we host an inspiring summer camp that focuses on STEM and civic subjects. Led by passionate college students, kids learn with fun in a very hands-on, interactive, engaging, and encouraging environment with goals to open their horizon.


  • School and Backpack Supplies


    • For parents who are struggling financially, basic school supplies and backpacks for their kids can be inaccessible. Sometimes it boils down to choose between food or gas bills vs backpacks and school supplies, obviously the later is sacrificed.  This already puts their children at disadvantage because they lack the basic tools necessary for school. INSAN helps families by providing these bare essentials of learning such as pen, pencil, notebooks, backpacks, etc.


  • Parent Counseling


    • Because the parents’ role is key in their child’s educational success, we provide parents with counseling in order to bring awareness to parents about the value of education, its process, and the discipline it takes to reach higher goals.  Education is more than going to school, it is also working with other people in various environments. Learning starts at home, and we help to ensure that parents make their homes a positive place for learning.
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