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Our Programs

Hunger and Homelessness

  • Feeding
    • Unfortunately for many homeless and near homeless the access to healthy, nutritious, hot meals on a consistent basis is not on the menu. Many don’t even have a full meal for a whole day or days, if we are not counting chips, sodas, or left overs from the garbage. At INSAN, we prepare, cook, and serve meals to the impoverished and homeless communities in Pomona and the surrounding area.
  • Food Pantry
    • Many families are going through tough economical times and even putting the food on the table is a struggle. Through our pantry program we try to ease some of their pain so that they are not only fed but can utilize their limited money to pay rent which helps in reducing homelessness.
  • Clothing and Hygiene Kits
    • Clothe is one of humans basic necessities as well as one’s dignity. Homeless community is always in need of clothes, hygiene kits, and shoes because supplies run out, sometimes even their things are taken, stolen, spoiled in heat, rain, or on street. We put together hygiene kits and collect gently used donated clothes and shoes to pass them out to the homeless and destitute.
  • Thanksgiving Meals
    • Thanksgiving is typically a time of feasting and being with family, but that is not always the case for those who are homeless or going through financial difficulties. While most of us are having a good time, many homeless feel a sense of abandonment.  However, at INSAN, we do our best to provide them with a friendly environment to eat a delicious meal during the holiday time.
  • Assistance with Shelter and Residence Programs
    • It is common for those who are homeless to seek shelter, whether it be temporary or permanent. INSAN guides those looking for place by either directing them to the shelters or to the organizations who can help them find it. We also provide assistance during winter shelter project with various services; feeding, clothing, and other facility operations. As a model program, INSAN is helping in transition from homelessness to permanent residence and providing assistance in home chores, grocery shopping, medical needs, and various tasks of re-establishing the life.
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