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Our Services


Our Services

We strive to help the most vulnerable and the needy around us who are in desperate need of life‘s basic essentials, with compassion, love, and respect. Our hands always reach out to those who feel like they need a partner in the world, whether it be talking about our daily lives or meeting the physical needs of the body. INSAN tries to encompass all aspects of life, yet we have strongly focused goals based on hunger and homelessness, education, and leadership skills.

Most of our goals are veered toward the homeless and young. We often have feedings in the local community. Although all is welcome, most of our population consists of youngsters and seniors. To those who might need more than a full stomach, we have sanitation kits available. They contain anything from hygiene kits to winter clothing.

INSAN strives for education as well. Our main goal is to provide all those in need with the proper opportunity to strive for higher education, as well as succeed, rather than just stay in school. Although we do not have a private funded school, INSAN does provide some help. We have an annual “backpackathon” where we provide backpacks and school supplies to children who are ready to take on the challenges of the school year. We hope that these children will recognize their true potential in becoming productive citizens of this world. For those who still need the extra step, we provide educational tutoring.

Leadership opportunities are very important to the INSAN Foundation. We strive to provide our guests the opportunity a chance to gain the necessary skills to succeed in their day to day lives.Our goal is to provide the tools to succeed regardless of where they come from.

Our services continue to grow from year to year, as well as our quality and services. We hope to continue our work and impact the lives of those who benefit from our program, as we hope that they give back in the future.

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