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Educational Disparity

Access to quality education is not a luxury but one of the fundamental need in today’s world, for both; individuals and the societies. Unfortunately there are many kids and youth lack this valuable resource. INSAN strives to fill this gap.


Despite having the world’s best colleges, universities, and higher education infrastructure, Americans are far behind than other countries in terms of college graduate rate. An economy dependent on innovations in science and technology, this does not translate well.


The United States spends the most money on education per capita, we still have one of the highest high school dropout rates among other developed nations.(1)(2) In an era where a quality education is critical for future success, it is unsettling to know that many of our nation’s school-aged children are not graduating from high school, or receiving an equivalent degree (i.e. GED).


Not all students face the same risks of dropping out as others–certain populations have received the short end of the stick. Particularly, students from families in the lowest quartile of annual income are about three and a half times more likely to dropout from high school compared to their counterparts from families in the highest quartile of annual income.(2) Though the disparity in dropout rates between these two groups has narrowed over the past fifteen years, the fact that there still is an astonishing discrepancy between them is indicative of a continued need for aid and help.


Today’s economic prosperity depends on the education level attained by our nation’s’ youth. However, the rise of economic inequality in last three decades has resulted in sobering realities where in the U.S. 22% of all children live in families with incomes below the federal poverty level and 45% of children live in low-income families. These devastating numbers demonstrate that nearly half of today’s youth have limited or no access to the resources necessary for achieving a strong education and thus contributing to a strong economy.


A high school diploma was once the minimum requirement to receive a job; however today a bachelor’s degree is becoming the new minimum requirement. Despite this, only 34% of Americans aged 25 through 29 have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher.(3) Today nearly 60% of job openings in the United States require higher education; therefore, consequently, many of today’s youth are ineligible for upward mobility. Our economic prosperity depends on the education level attained by our nation’s youth. In addition, not having the college degree results in overall lower median income.


INSAN foundation recognizes the importance of building a strong academic foundation in our nation’s youth, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, income level, or any other discriminating factors. It is crucial for them to succeed in higher education and attain better prosperity as well as give back to their communities in the future for the well being of all. That is why we provide free tutoring services to at-risk and underprivileged youth. Through engaging these students in educational and enrichment activities and providing them with positive role models, we encourage them to continue to pursue their education.



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