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Our Inspiration


We’ll serve and help humans across boundaries
And shall relieve them of their pains and traumas
None will be hungry or unclothed
We shall strive to create a world like that
Pledging to be and teaching to become best humans
Learning, embracing, and teaching life’s essentials
We’ll enlighten every soul with the light of knowledge
And will turn every countryman learned

Our inspiration comes from many areas of our field. Yet, our initial spark was ignited from INSAN’s founder Dr. Syed Hasan’s vision as reflected in the above verses of INSAN anthem. He wanted to create self-reliant communities where education ought to play a vital means in meeting societal needs and global challenges.

We took this vision across three continents and two oceans to Southern California, where we strive to do the same. Our focus is to help the most vulnerable around us in their fundamental needs such as food, clothing, shelter, while we seek to provide educational opportunities to the underserved; we develop educated leaders of tomorrow’s who will create better societies.

Our inspiration has also come from the local community and partners. Yet our biggest inspiration comes from the guests we serve, the children we work with, and the elderly that share their life’s wisdom. It is only through them that we, INSAN for Humanity exist, and it is only through them that we have the honor of meeting new people and serving our community. Their stories have taught us the hardships of life, yet how to be compassionate, loving human beings. We take these lessons and implement them in our philosophy.

Inspiration is also contagious. Our volunteers say they are attracted and inspired by our work, on the same note we are constantly inspired by them as they continue to come and even pursue the INSAN mission to other places in their next phases of lives.

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